May 19, 2016

Is Astral Projection real?

Most people – myself included – will ponder in some way the question: Is Astral Projection real? Some people might think this cynically when they first hear of such a concept… or some might find themselves seeking an answer even after they’ve had a handful of first hand Astral Projection experiences. I want to look at a few ways of handling this question, and ask you… what does it mean for something to be ‘real’?!


A lot of people when they first hear about any metaphysical concepts like Astral Projection will find themselves rejecting the idea completely – they won’t have anything to compare it to from their personal experience, and they won’t have any references of the Astral realm from their worlds of science or other authorities to tell them that it is ‘real.’ It’s completely fine for anyone to feel this way – no one has to ‘believe’ in Astral travel – however there are other ways to look at it too.

When we dream, we accept more naturally its place between the real and the unreal… dreams as an Astral phenomenon are absolutely real – we all dream, and it is an integrated part of our experience as humans! Yet we also know that what happens in the dream isn’t necessarily ‘real’ – for example, if you dream that you bake a cake, and wake up to find there is no cake, you aren’t exactly surprised!

Astral projection is similar. It’s a phenomenon that has been documented by humans for many centuries, as well as throughout a number of religious and esoteric texts. Through your personal experience you can come to find a way of understanding Astral Projection as being real – without having to worry about the implications of what goes on in your Astral Projection experience. For example, did you ‘really’ meet an angel in an Astral Projection? Well, you had a symbolic and deeply personal experience which means whatever it means to you. And that is real.

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