May 19, 2016

Astral Projection Experiences

What is it actually like to experience Astral Projection? It’s hard to imagine, seeing as our day to day waking state is quite different from what we experience in the altered state of Astral Projection. So let me tell you about some of the experiences people have described, to offer a flavour of what it feels like to experience Astral Projection.

First of all, as you would know – or can find out! – from our other pages, How to Astral Project, and our Outta This World Tips on Astral Projection, a key part of preparing to Astral Project is to quiet the mind. This means our sensory body, the senses of the energetic or light body, as well as our emotions, are enhanced. Yes our emotions are actually a very important sense for accessing other worlds and states of consciousness. Consider a dream, where you wake up, and you aren’t sure of what exactly occurred however you have a strong sense of the emotions involved. Emotions are a bridge between our waking state and our deeper consciousness.


People often report fear as being a big part of their first Astral Projection experiences. The way I see this is to think about the first time you ever went on a rollercoaster! Of course there is fear, when you are in an all new scenario that you can come to trust. On the other side, people often report bliss and feelings of oneness and love as part of their Astral Projection experiences.

Other common themes in Astral Projection experiences are the sense of travelling upwards, meeting a guide or higher part of yourself, and being ‘shown’ information in various ways.

Often Astral Projection experiences begin with a sense of floating or surging upwards, through clouds or other sky imagery, or via a cord or beam of light. This makes sense given that our shared idea as humans of the Astral or Heavenly realms is that they are up and in the sky!

Once someone has a sense that they have ‘arrived’ a presence may greet them. In Astral Projection, the experience of this is like when you are standing in a room and have a sense that someone has walked in before you turn around and actually see them – you can feel their presence. People often report having an immediate knowing of ‘who’ this presence is – whether a guide, a higher self, a cosmic relative – however it is just as normal to find them very mysterious! ArchAngelMichaelCareer

Often during an Astral Projection experience you will be shown information that can assist you at this time of your life. From the Astral realm things look very different and so this perspective can be extraordinary and very valuable. Now, when I say ‘shown information’, I mean to say that this is not generally communicated by spoken or written word… people have described this experience as information being ‘downloaded’ into their consciousness, or being ‘shown’ the mind of the guiding presence, and I consider it to be a telepathic connection. This is an ability all human’s have on Earth’s plane as well, and Astral Projection experience and practice can begin to open this up in the waking state.

Well here are some threads of themes that people seem to report about their Astral Projection experiences! However it is important to remember that truly anything is possible, and whatever you experience is totally normal! And we would love to hear… go on, get in touch with us on and tell us about your experiences Going Astral!