November 26, 2015

Outta This World Tips on: How to Astral Project – PART TWO

Outta This World Tips on: How to Astral Project – PART TWO
Did our Outta This World Tips PART ONE leave you hanging for more?! Great, well here is Part Two of our ongoing series of tips to help increase the effectiveness, enjoyment, and consistency of your Astral Travel experiences.
Or maybe you’ve just found this page and really want to know… What is Astral Projection?
Have a read, explore, enjoy, and be sure to check out our page on How To Astral Project for the particular techniques and approaches!


Using incense or essential oils to stimulate your olfactory senses can help to create the perfect external and internal environment from which to Astral Project. Aromas which stimulate the 7th Chakra, the crown, are recommended for assisting with Astral Travel – Frankincense, Sandalwood, and San Paulo are great places to start. Oregano fragrance is also known to assist with Astral Projection, and a particular and very rare relative ‘Ditanny of Crete’ is available as a home grown incense from The Natural Magick Shop. 



Writing about your experiences is a really wonderful way to enhance Astral Projection, increasing lucidity, assisting integration, and allowing more vibrant vision. Writing by hand stimulates more parts of the brain including the Reticular Activating System than simply thinking alone, and this indicates to our minds and beings that the subject of our writing – Astral Travel! – is something to focus on. Journalling brings the Astral experience into the physical world and into the density of pen and paper! It is also beautiful to look back on Astral Travel experiences which might mean something more to us at a different point in time, to notice themes, or simply to appreciate our progress and the journey of Astral Projection.




Consult a master.
In truth we are all students! However it is equally fair to say that some humans have mastered particular skills, and are in a position to share some of their knowledge from along the journey. When it comes to Astral Projection, Robert Bruce is one such human! His website offers many insights and skills for many spiritual dimensions of growth, including a brilliant Astral Projection Mastery Course with a workbook, video tutorials, and communication with Robert and other Astral initiates. Sound good? Check it out, it has a 7-day money back policy.

Astral Projection Mastery



Intention, intention, intention.
The most important factor alongside all techniques and approaches for Astral Travel is the same…. Intention, intention, intention! Your intention about why you are Astral Projecting and where you want to Astral Travel to are going to colour your experience in a huge way – how exciting! So be sure to combine any of the above tips with a good ponder, meditate or journal about what you want out of your Astral experience; do you want to meet your Higher Self? Or do you want to visit your home planet? Maybe you and a friend want to meet in an astral realm? Anything is possible in the garden of your inner world and your positive intention is going to be the best fertiliser!




And I hope you intend to check out our page on How To Astral Project for guided techniques and approaches for Astral Travel! Stayed tuned for more Outta This World Tips for Astral Projection – and join the community at where you can ask us questions or let us know any of your own tips for Going Astral!