November 26, 2015

Outta This World Tips on: How to Astral Project – PART ONE

Outta This World Tips on: How to Astral Project – PART ONE
So you’re a beginner learning how to Astral Project, or maybe you’re experienced and looking for some ways to finesse your practice.

Here is Part One of our Outta This World tips on how to Astral Project. Once you’ve got your head around What is Astral Projection and had a look over How to Astral Project, these tips are here to help increase the effectiveness, enjoyment, and consistency of your Astral Travel experiences.

Be sure to check out our page on How To Astral Project for the particular techniques and approaches!


A Blanket!
Did you know that when we experience a deeper mind state – such as sleep, meditation, or moving into an Astral state – our body temperature drops? This is why it is important to be warm enough before you begin any technique to Astral Travel. No one wants to be interrupted from their Astral Projection because their physical body is shivering, and it really helps the transition from Astral to waking awareness when you are physically comfortable on return.
Nervous System Care.
This is super important. Our nervous system functions to communicate within our mind and body and while we are travelling as our Astral Body this inner world is running through our physical bodies via our nervous system. That’s why it’s really important to give the nervous system some extra care. Supplementation with a nervous system tonic is a great idea before beginning on an Astral adventure. Dream Leaf create amazing herbal nervous system tonics for the particular purpose of Astral Projection, or there are these great general nervous system drops from HerbPharm.


Quality Sleep.
When we sleep, our Astral Bodies naturally move out of our physical bodies where they regenerate from communion with source energy and so it is very important that initiates of Astral Projection are having high quality sleep. Sleep is also key to caring for a well functioning Nervous System. This will also help with not falling asleep during the relaxation stage of Astral Projection techniques!
 Tea Time.
Herbal teas such as the witch’s favourite Mugwort are very beneficial, helping to activate what is needed for Astral Projection. Sun Opener is another herb, traditionally used by Central American natives, which is followed by stories of metaperception experiences. These leaves are available from the Happy Herb Company, as well as their very own specialised AstralTea which combines a few potent herbs. (Mugwort is one of the compounds used in Dream Leaf supplements as well if you prefer a capsule to a brew.)



Now you can make yourself a cup of tea, grab a blanket, and check out our page on How To Astral Project for more techniques and approaches! Stayed tuned for more Outta This World Tips for Astral Projection – and join the community at where you can ask us questions or let us know any of your own tips for Going Astral!