November 26, 2015

About Me & Warm Welcome To You!

There is so much more to life than life.

This is the kind of deep knowing that has led me down the path of Astral discovery.
My name is Elouise. I’m an Aquarian. I love to read and to learn. I love to connect and to share. And I am well aware of my status as an infinite energetic being in an infinite energetic cosmos.
In fact I love knowing this!
Yes this physical world is big – huge even – and there is so much to discover here in Three Dimensional density. However from a young age I knew there was something more to life than what I could simply see with my eyes… this inkling grew over time until it brought me to be able to experience my Astral Body and explore the many realms of the Astral Plane. Woah!
Astral Projection is a passion of mine, and I value my experiences and the meaning they have given to my existence so much that I want to share this journey with you!
This site is here as an outlet for discoveries I make – and I hope to always continue to do so! – as well as a toolkit, knowledge base, community, and inspiration for all you need to find yourself GOING ASTRAL!
You can also join in at – I would love to connect with you to hear about your Astral Travel experiences, queries about Astral Projection, and to be inspired.
The Astral Realm is big… Where to start? Well whether you are genuinely asking or are simply curious to hear my perspective on it… check out our page What is Astral Projection?
From there, we have How To Astral Project guides, Outta This World Tips On Astral Projection, and more!

Welcome welcome welcome and thank you for GOING ASTRAL with me!