November 8, 2015

How to Astral Project – PART ONE

You’re wondering how to Astral Project? Well, there are many answers to this excellent and exciting question! You might first want to find out what is Astral Projection – in which case, follow that link. Otherwise let’s get into it and have a look at our guide to three luminous techniques for how to Astral Project and Travel.

Now for all of these techniques there are some things to know which will really enhance your Astral Travel experience. For those, please check out our Outta This World Tips on how to Astral Project.

ONE: How to Astral Project with the Induction Technique…. careful not to fall asleep!

This one is all about getting nice and relaxed! Laying on your bed, a couch, or even the floor, begin with some nice deep slow breaths paying attention to the sensation of the air flowing in your nostrils…. your belly expanding… and the breath releasing back out. After a while begin a body scan, starting at your feet, focusing there and finding any tension and releasing it with your breath. Feeling your feet getting warm and heavy. Completely relaxed… and moving slowly up the whole body doing the same, until your entire body from the toes to the top bone on your skull is totally relaxed.

Meanwhile, as your body becomes almost paralysed with this deep relaxation, your mind is focused. Use mantras: I am going to Astral Project. I am Astral Travelling to the Sahara Desert. My Astral Body is ready to Travel. Repeat these mantras with the same depth used to relax the body: you want your mind to be as focused as your body is relaxed. Tingles and vibrations are a sign that you are on the right track! In time you will find your consciousness in lucidity that is separate to your physical body. From here, your intention will guide you.

***The relaxation and body scan in this technique is actually a handy way to start any technique! Astral Projection is all about body asleep, consciousness awake!***

TWO: How to Astral Project with Roll Over Astral Traveller [Robert Monroe]

For Robert Monroe – a foremost authority on Astral Travel – relaxation of the physical is a really key part to any Astral Travel. Maybe you have a way to relax your body, or use the technique described above.

Robert Monroe talks about ‘the hypnagogic state’ – this is the place between awake and asleep. Hold your awareness fully into this space, staring into the blackness behind your eyelids – think of this blackness as a vast space, rather than a wall. This will open your inner vision.

Focusing deeper and deeper into the hypnagogic state, gently allow any other thoughts to drift away. Staring deeply into the dark void of infinite space behind your eyelids you will begin to bring vibrations and tingles through your body. Feel these strengthen more and more, becoming very intense until your sense of your body is gone in lieu of these vibrating sensations.

At the peak of these vibrations, still deep in the hypnagogic state, the final step to peel your Astral Body (which is vibrations you are already experiencing) from your physical is simple: roll over! From here, your intention will guide you.

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THREE: How to Astral Project with the Rope Climb To Heaven [Robert Bruce]

So Roberts are really good at Astral Travel huh? Robert Bruce is a very well travelled Astral adept! In his technique, your consciousness has an exist strategy from the physical.

Once you are relaxed, and in the conditions talked about in our Outta This World Tips for how to Astral Travel, imagine a rope hanging down from the ceiling. Be creative about how it appears to you. Is it a colourful rope, a dark grainy texture, or is it clear and made of light? You want a detailed and dedicated image of this rope. The more you invest your consciousness into it, the better it will work.

Once the image feels complete, in your mind’s eye reach out with your Astral hands… and begin to climb the rope! Do this with slow and powerful motions – it is important that you are single minded in this endeavour. You might feel your body vibrating, or witness flashing lights behind your eyes, however whatever occurs within you trust that you are safe, and focus on climbing your rope!
After some dedicated climbing you will be released into a sense of lightness… you are now your Astral body. From here, your intention will guide you.

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So there it is! Three great, simple, and effective techniques for how to Astral Project! Now, there are MANY other techniques on how to Astral Project… however we have only presented you these three handpicked techniques for Astral Travel because you are going to have the best success sticking to one technique, and then practice, practice, practice. You will get better at clearing, quietening, and focusing your mind, while also totally paralytically relaxing the physical body – the two key ingredients to a successful Astral Projection!

Now don’t forget to check out our Outta This World Tips on how to Astral Project – connect with us at – and please let us know how you go with these techniques… any questions, comments, flickers, successes, we love to hear from you about your experiences GOING ASTRAL!