October 25, 2015

What is Astral Projection?

To understand what is Astral Projection, and become a beginner in the journey of Astral Projection and travel, we first have to define and understand what our Astral Body is, since that is the vehicle if you like of Astral Travel.

The word astral comes from an ancient Greek word aster which means ‘star.’ So our Astral Body is like our Star Body. You can think of it like this – the Physical Body is our vehicle in the physical, dense, material world; and the Astral Body is our vehicle to travel in the cosmic, subtle, etheric world.

We all know what it’s like to move around in our Physical Bodies. We go to the shops, walk to the fridge, drive a car, maybe we go to the gym… But what happens when we learn what it’s like to move around in our Astral Bodies? Well, the world that the Astral Body travels in is a lot less limited than the physical, in particular by two key things: time and space! So we can Astral Project to our friend on the other side of the world instantly, we can Astral Travel to another dimension and meet a (helpful and loving!) Being, we can project under the ocean and up into the universe. We can even Astral Travel to the past.

So what is Astral Projection? Astral Projection is what happens when the Astral Body leaves the confines of the Physical Body and physical world and travels – ideally projecting under our own conscious will.

This isn’t always the case, though. In fact lots of the first reports of Astral Projection in the Western World were spontaneous and accidental. The most common example of this is stories of Near Death Experience (NDE), where someone realises that they are up at an angle looking down on their physical body on the hospital bed, in the car crash, or wherever they have met their misfortune. This form of Astral Projection is called autoscopy. After these people have been resurrected by doctors, the stories go, they report their experiences and often some uncanny knowledge about what went on in the operating room to go with it.

However we are here to give a guide of how to experience Astral Projection under your own conscious free will, so that you can travel safely and easily around the etheric realms. There are many Astral Projection techniques to explore and an infinite amount of possibilities… There is a lot to discover and learn, deep healing to experience, and fun and adventure to be had! So have a look around the site, and please comment and find us on FaceBook.com/goingastral. We would love to find out what is Astral Projection for you – and talk to you about GOING ASTRAL!